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I met Debra in 2009, she helped me file my case with Social Security and basically held my hand through the entire process. She answered every question I had along the way and sometimes she even performed as my Therapist. We won the case and I am so appreciative to Debra King and her staff, I know I wouldn't have been able to do it without their help and support.


Super helpful and extremely informing while friendly I spoke with Mr.Kings nephew I believe I was looking for a law office who would submit an application to the Social Security Office applying for disability benefits from the government

Explained to him my case told him basically my whole life events while convinced I'm disabled and can't work. I shared with him my medical diagnosis and primary care medical file along with my consent for my primary care doctor to discuss my health records and answer any questions he had of me to provide facts to support his statements of myself he found to submit a strong application as required to be granted benefits.

He told me and showed me past applications where people had, in fact, a disability and couldn't work to support one in such condition to live healthy and stable but still got denied and told they were not legally considered disabled as a final determination and then showed me different types of disabilities people had and got awarded benefits and amount because of DOB over the age of 47 automatically puts you at a 50% guarantee and proof of amount of years you obtained steady employment so they can determine you amount of cash benefits you qualified based on your life's earnings and yearly salary all above 10 years and to date And then explained to me under his professional judgement he believed I didn't have a strong enough case to get a high amount of votes from the head of board of ss I was about 27 years away to qualify for the automatic 50% likely to be worth my time however INSISTED if I disagreed with him he would more than willingly continue to submit my application to his best ability.

I felt his answer and his feedback was intelligent, sincere, and genuinely confident. Very very good law firm and to set it all off NEVER once talked about a payment from me after an hour phone call all him getting an understanding of myself for him to direct me to a program I didn't know existed and I would, however, qualify for and was a good candidate and it provides me with the help I needed. Thank you King Law Firm


She's AWESOME!! SO caring, you won't be disappointed.


Ms. King did a wonderful job helping my son qualify for disability benefits.


I myself work for a law firm, however, we do not specialize in Social security. My mother had been applying for social security since 2011 it was very evident that she was unable to work due to her health conditions. We had many disappointments and were denied several times, but Debra never gave up. I appreciate all she has done for my mothers' case throughout the years. Thank You, Debra!


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Love my lawyer