Slip and Falls

Don't Pay for Someone Else's Negligence

Don't Pay for Someone Else's Negligence

Consult a slip-and-fall attorney in Denver, CO

You never thought you'd fall that hard, and you certainly never thought you'd get injured the way you did. You might not think there's anyone to blame, but in fact, your accident might've been avoided if the right safety precautions had been taken. A slip-and-fall attorney from King Law Firm can help you hold the negligent property owners accountable for your accident. You can rely on our law firm to fight for your due compensation at every turn.

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5 important steps to take after a slip-and-fall accident

Getting injured in a slip-and-fall accident can be a frightening experience. Knowing how to handle the aftermath can help you feel less stressed if you ever find yourself in that situation. After you fall, you should:

  • Seek medical attention right away: a doctor can document your injuries so you have a record of when the incident occurred
  • Inspect the area where you fell: as you're waiting for medical attention, look around and find out what caused you to fall
  • Take pictures of the area: having concrete visual evidence of the scene can help your case tremendously
  • Speak with witnesses: if there were passersby or loved ones with you when you fell, ask them about the events and take their contact information
  • Hire a slip-and-fall attorney: an experienced attorney can make sure you don't lose money while negotiating with your insurance company or the negligent party
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